INDOOR + Fringe
Dicey Tech Rider

Length from 5 to 240 mins
18+, English/Physical

Cut the repertoire and new ideas of multi-discipline artist Dan le Man into 47 separate parts. Jumble them all up. Then stick them back together in an order that is directed by the drawing of a lottery ball.

Welcome to Dicey, a one-man cabaret that is fresh, new and different every time it’s played.
Every show is a premiere.

Ticket price, determined by the roll of a die after the show.

Inspired by ”The Diceman” by Luke Reinhardt

24.  April 2015 at TeoTeater (EST)
31. August 2018 at Lahti Fringe Festival (FIN)
28. + 29. September  2018 at Heldeke (EST)
5. September, 2019 at Heldeke
14. + 15. September  2019 at New Circus Weekend (LIT)
15. November 2020 at Tallinn Comedy Festival (EST)
2. August 2020 at Heldeke
9. August 2020 at Sansusī (LAT)